Multi-Use Wood Burning Heater With Rocket Stove And Oven

This multi-use stove is a year-round heater / rocket stove cooker that is portable, yet sturdy. These can be installed and vented out in an RV, tent, or workshop for space heating purposes. Easy disconnect and removal for open air cooking is a snap. Simply remove the access panel and install the rocket Stove insert.  The heater then becomes a cooking stove with an oven. For extremely large pots needing extra BTUs, remove the Rocket Stove insert and cook using the entire firebox and six (6) inch flue. These also make a superb patio heater for gatherings when vented above six foot. Comes shipped in a reusable plastic or rubber tote.

Multi-use stoves are good for the environment

While rocket stove cooking, the emissions from the fire are 50% less due to near peak combustion. You will be using half the fuel to get the same amount of work done in a conventional stove. These stoves are made from recycled BBQ propane tanks that helps keep our landfills from overflowing. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need space heating and a rocket stove at the same time, simply bury the combustion chamber of the rocket stove outdoors in dirt and start cooking. They really are multi-use stoves.

These multi-use stoves feature a large feed door for ease of operation. There is also an air intake regulator for control of your fire. They stand on three legs that are sturdy, adjustable for leveling, and removable. The exhausting flue is sized for six (6) inch stove pipe that can be purchased most anywhere. A flue dampener is recommended for even more control of your fire. These are designed for safe use in tents, RVs, shop / garage where installation and venting are performed by competent installers.

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